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379t Tea Slab Penjing built 6-7-03, sold 7-30-03.
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18" Brown Unglazed Rectangle Purse Bonsai Pot
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The kinds of mica Professionally used and made of 85% mineral mica, 5% graphite for color and 10% polyethelene to bind the materials together for extreme durability and outdoor display in weather conditions from freezing to very hot. Mica resists cracking in colder extremes, and repulses intense heat buildup at the roots in tropical environs. Durable also if dropped compared to a stoneware pot.
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Regular Korean Mica Oval Bonsai Pots 12 to 28
Regular Korean Mica Rectangle Bonsai Pots 9 1/2 to 21 1/2
Korean Mica Round Rivet Drum Bonsai Pots 11 to 15 1/2 Diameters
Korean Mica Round Rivet Pot 6 3/4 to 11 diameter
3 Shallow Korean Mica Forest Pots 19" to 24" long
20" Korean Mica Deep Forest Oval 3 3/4 x 15 x 20