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379t Tea Slab Penjing built 6-7-03, sold 7-30-03.
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508 jpg. Tall mahogany spider leg cascade stand. Bonsai Display Stands and Tables
This is a limited collection of bonsai display stands and tables that I built in 1998 and sold on my original 2 websites. Some of you will make the connection when you see the stands since you bought them from those websites back then. Well I have a limited amount of them and will be posting them in the forthcoming days. They are fixed in size and at this time we are not offering custom sizes. We might fire up the machinery again and make some new designs I have had in mind. We will list some occasional imported stands as well. We are always looking for some high grade imports.
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6 Sizes Bonsai Display Stands
9 x 14 Solid Wood Low Bonsai Stand
Solid Mahogany Spider Leg Bonsai Cascade Stand
Carved Mahogany Bonsai Stand
Indented Corner Mahogany Bonsai Stand
Cedar Cabriole Leg Bonsai Stand